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Select the right size of Advantage for your pet:

 Advantage - 4pk (Blue)  X-Large Dog 55-100 lbs (25-45 kg)  US$ 36.96
 Advantage - 4pk (Red)  Large Dog 21-55 lbs (9.5-25 kg)  US$ 34.96
 Advantage - 4pk (Teal)  Medium Dog 11-20 lbs (5-9 kg)  US$ 33.96
 Advantage - 4pk (Green)  Small Dog 1-10 lbs (0-4.5 kg)  US$ 30.96
 Advantage - 4pk (Purple)  Large Cat 10-18 lbs (4.5-8 kg)  US$ 31.96
 Advantage - 4pk (Orange)  Small Cat 1-9 lbs (0-4 kg)  US$ 30.96



What is Advantage Flea Treatment?

Advantage for Extra Large, Large, Medium and Small DogsAdvantage Flea Treatment (Imidacloprid) by Bayer Healthcare is a monthly, topical cat flea treatment and  dog flea treatment.

Advantage stops fleas from biting in 3-5 minutes, kills 98-100% of fleas within 12 hours of application, kills re-infesting fleas within two hours and one application lasts up to one month. Advantage kills fleas before they lay eggs. One treatment prevents further infestation for at least four weeks. One package contains 4 topical treatments that each last for at least one month. Advantage does not kill ticks, so if your dog is also exposed to ticks then we recommend also using the PREVENTIC TICK COLLAR FOR DOGS along with Advantage.

How this product should be used:

Place the applicator tip through the animals hair to the skin level. On cats, apply to skin on neck at the base of the skull. For dogs up to 20 lbs, apply to skin on back between the shoulder blades. For dogs 21 lbs or over, apply the contents of one tube to 3 or 4 spots along the skin on back from the shoulder to the tail. Do not get this product in the pet's eyes or mouth.

Advantage for Small Cats and for Large CatsUsage instructions:

Dog Flea Treatment -  for dogs & puppies 7 weeks or older

Cat Flea Treatment -  for cats & kittens 8 weeks or older

How it works:

The active ingredient is Imidacloprid, which acts on the nervous system of the flea to cause paralysis and subsequent death. Within 12 hours of application, 98-100% of fleas are dead. Advantage kills fleas before they lay eggs, so their life cycle is broken at multiple stages. It also kills flea larvae within 20 minutes of contact.


- Stops fleas from biting in 3-5 minutes, providing fast relief for your pet

- Starts killing adult fleas within an hour and exterminates them within 12 hours

- Kills flea larvae in 20 minutes or less

- Easy to apply and very safe for you and your pet

- Known to be one of the more gentle, yet most effective flea preventatives

- Customers rave about it and it has the highest customer review ratings

- Waterproof, so it even remains effective after the pet has been immersed in water